Father of Cosmic Horror
There isn't much I can say here that hasn't already been said elsewhere. This page is intended to give a very, very brief introduction to master of weilding tales of fear and dread as well as give a short background to my obseesion of and influence by my favourite author of all time: H. P. lovecraft.

I first discovered Lovecraft when I was in seventh grade. I wanted a book from my local library, but they didn't have it in, so I grabbed a copy of Dreamquest of the Unknown Kadath. It may sound a little cliche, but it changed my life. Not because of any major enlightenment or exposure to some amazing philosophy. Instead, I was drawn into an incredible tale of wonder and terror, filled with creatures and concepts that boggled my adolescent mind.

Since then I have endevoured to read (to my knowledge) all of Lovecraaft's fiction, and much of his poetry, non-fiction, and letters as well. For me, the attraction lies in the ways in which I perceive Lovecraft's presentations and underlying associations. I do not profess that my outlooks on Lovecraft are anything other than personal takes on his writings, and I would strongly encourage all readers to seek out their own responses and further investigate Lovecraft through the writings of scholars, such as S. T. Joshi, who bring new and in-depth information about Lovecraft as a writer and a person to light.

I gain intense influence from the stories of Lovecraft and the legacy of writers that have upheld the traditions of his work (what I will call Mythos Fiction, even those, some of it may not truly be attached to Lovecraft's characters in such a manner, but may rather be "in the style of Lovecraft", or what I shall call Lovecraftian Horror). For me, part of the excitement surrounding this body of literature is the giant puzzle that can be slowly pieced together by reading the stories and gaining knowledge of the characters and situations within. Beyond that, the sheer enjoyment of the style, gothic and dark, full of unfolding events that expose mortifying happenings and shift the fear of the unknown to fear of the known and highlight the inevitable cosmic doom to ensue.

The darkness and fantastic situations and characters developed and presented in Mythos Fiction directly informs a majority of my musical composition and performance (see the Seesar page for more on my Lovecraftian Dark Ambeint Soundscape project and the New Leaders of the Eldritch Cult page for more on Lovecraftian Futurism for some example).

I could rant for pages about my favourite characters and stories, and perhaps I should at least mention night gaunts, Tsathoggua, Nephren Ka, Randlof Carter, Elder Things, and Brown Jenkin, or my love for Slumberpunk dream quest adventures or my new interest in military based Delta Green stories, but more importantly, I wish to encourage visitors to my page to read Lovecraft and other authors writing Lovecraftian horror and experience for themselves why this genre is so compelling and enticing!

Soon, I'll post a few links to some of the most informative websites that post information about Lovecraft, his works, and the works of others. Also, there are a few other goodies, such as lists of related films and music that will be of interest to Lovecraft fans. Finally, I will list a few other resources on Lovecraftian literature that I find imperative for research and expanding one's knowledge on Mythos Fiction. Currently, though, I am in the throes of relocation and finalizing a few projects, so I will have to address this in the near future. Watch for it here!