Past Projects
The list of past projects in which I have been involved is far too long to be addressed completely here, however, I will list a majority of them. Please note that some of my past projects will not be addressed as per the request of members of the projects omitted. Where available, links are provided to more information and media. The projects are presented in roughly inverse chronological order, disregarding overlap.

Second Head
I was one of the many drummers for this London-based Gothic/Neofolk/Grunge punk-esque rock band, featuring Emma Browning and Wim Eden (now in a new fanatstic project called Adam and Evil...).

Jo Quail
I performed regularly with ex-SonVer cellist, Jo Quail, supporting her chamber composition presentation and Gothic cello-driven instrumental pieces.

This dark ambient improvised noise band featured guitar/vocal genius Adio Lawal-West and innovative computer musician Matt Chilton as well as myself.

Why Camels Have No Wings
An improv project featuring guitar mastery of Daniel Thomposn, amazing vocals by Kay Grant, more computer goodness from Matt Chilton, and myself on percussion.

Nameless and Unexplained
Another improv project merging members of Why Camels Have No Wings with trumpeteer extraordinaire Arthur Swindells and cutting-edge bassoon/bicycle player Sonia Pašo-Rocchia.

An improvised music collective whose mission was to invite new members to each performance and expand the family of musicians involved, allowing all new members to perform separately under the same name. The group expanded and and is still continuing on various levels to date.

An instrumental math rock band that boasted two drummer, of which I was one. The line up was outstanding with Craig Hilton on guitar, Chris Pilione later replaced by Chad Boyd on guitar, Susan Humphries on bass, and John Snead on drums.

Thor and the Ass Boys
Punk rock with the incomparble metal vocalist Thor! Titty Twister on bass and Thunder Geek on guitar. For this project, I was Fatty Arbuckle.

Squid Giblet Thunder Chicken
Another two drummer project with members of BAAMPHF!!!

Aunt B-Yatch
Jazzy semi dancy noisy conducted improvised music project featuring bassist Xopher Thurston and the conducter/Deejay Kraze Rock.

Feralyminal Lycanthropizers
Improvised music project featuring Craig Hilton on guitar, Crowmeat Bob on reeds and horns, John Randall Pelosi on reeds and Chapman Stick, and myself on drums.

Dzu Teh
Electronic experimental music duo with a fairly danceable approach with Steve Graham that included drums, clarinet, sythnisizers, and guitar.

Centre for Transgressive Behaviours
Performance art project with live music featring the genius writing and acting of John Dawkins, Stephan Pearce, adn Craig Hilton. These shows often featured food fights, spanking, open flames, lavish costumes, ridiculous sets, and nudity as well as avant garde noise music.

Math punk from the depths of the Appalachian Mountains featuring guitar master Mike Benson, vocals and guitar by the insane Sam York, and outstanding bass playing by Finley Lee. The group not only performed years of high-energy live shows, but also plays, operas, and film soundtracks.

Another performance art project, that focused more on the music, but still included loads of silly performance stuff, with two members of one3four, led by Erik Frankwich and many guest artists/freaks.